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Smart Delivery Service offers integrated, seamless payment methods to accommodate to our client’s requirements. You can always pay through PayPal, for a safe and secure mode of payment.
In addition to the security measures put in place by PayPal, Smart Delivery Service has also seen to it that your safety and security on the internet is not compromised at any point in time. We do not collect personal information or keep your personal details.
We have put in place tight security measures on our website to ensure that each transaction is encrypted and done in the safest and most secure form possible. Thanks to technological advancements, we have managed to ensure all security measures are constantly updated.


Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

754 Port America Pl, Ste 300
Grapevine, TX 76051
Phone: 817-540-0000
Fax: 817-540-0003

Houston, TX

1414 West Sam Houston Pkwy
Houston, TX 77043
Phone: 713-730-5098
Fax: 817-540-0003

Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

5512 Lakeland Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55429-3121
Phone: 612-405-0000
Fax: 612-405-7000