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In an effort to cater to a wide gamut of clients, our courier delivery services also cater to the healthcare industry. We understand all too well just how important timely and confidential delivery of medical supplies and specimens are to the healthcare industry. That is why we have always endeavored to provide reliable, prompt and cost-effective transportation and medical courier services for the industry.
We cater to:
• Laboratories
• Hospitals
• Medical Offices
• Pharmaceutical Companies
• Senior Care Facilities
• Biotech Companies

We handle routine delivery service as well as emergency STAT delivery services. Our team of experts will deliver:
• Temperature-controlled specimens
• Blood products
• Life-saving organs
• Medical equipment
We understand just how vital timely delivery is for such important deliveries, so we ensure that we treat each and every delivery with the urgency and seriousness it deserves.

Services Offered by Smart Medical Delivery Services
• STAT and emergency service for medical equipment and specimens
• HAZMAT delivery of radioactive drugs from distributors and manufacturers to clinics and hospitals throughout the region.
• Delivery of samples and pharmaceutical supplies to pharmaceutical reps
• Pickup and delivery of X-rays, charts, medical records, etc.
• Pickup and delivery of lab specimens from a patient, to a laboratory
• Pickup and delivery of medical supplies and drugs to patients

Why Smart Medical Delivery Services
• All drivers are fully trained in maintaining the integrity of specimen, HAZMAT general awareness as well as blood-borne pathogens
• All medical delivery vehicles come fully equipped with DOT coolers plus spill kits to facilitate safe and secure transportation of medical specimens, organs and other supplies.
• With every delivery, you should expect HIPPA & OSHA compliant drivers who have undergone necessary training on pharmaceutical delivery and good and accurate record keeping.
• With every delivery you should also expect to work with drivers who value and respect time. All our drivers are smart enough to know that a package could be a matter of life and death, hence will always treat each delivery seriously.

Smart Delivery On-Demand Services
• STAT service– the shipment is picked up by the nearest available driver and taken to the destination of choice directly.
• Direct service –ideal for packages that have a time-critical deadline
• 2 Hour service – the delivery will be completed within 2 hours
• 4 Hour service – the delivery will be completed within 4 hours
• Same Day service – the delivery will be completed that same business day.

Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

754 Port America Pl, Ste 300
Grapevine, TX 76051
Phone: 817-540-0000
Fax: 817-540-0003

Houston, TX

1414 West Sam Houston Pkwy
Houston, TX 77043
Phone: 713-730-5098
Fax: 817-540-0003

Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

5512 Lakeland Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55429-3121
Phone: 612-405-0000
Fax: 612-405-7000