Why Smart Courier & Delivery Services

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Why Smart Courier & Delivery Services?


These days our clients are looking for more information than ever before. It is expected that a company should work hard at ensuring service is improved at all times. That is why, we at Smart Delivery Service will always be at the forefront advocating for improved services in all levels of our operations. This is in line with cost reduction, which we have achieved over the years by:
• Ensuring we have dedicated professionals working as a team
• Ensuring we have the latest, state-of-the-art communication technology to manage our complex network of delivery agents and drivers
• Ensuring we have the most friendly and informed customer care representatives
• And most importantly ensuring our clients are always satisfied by the level of service they receive
Thanks to technological advancements, more so the advent of the internet, our delivery service has significantly improved over the years. We take advantage of the latest web based technology in all of our business operations and applications. For starters, our Minnesota and Texas delivery services are fully automated. This means that we are able to keep an accurate record of all the shipments, vehicles and transportation crew from the time they leave our offices to the time they reach their destinations. We have the most efficient dispatching operations in the industry, thanks to Microsoft MapPoint Maps which seamlessly integrates with our web-based technology to ensure there is real time data that is accurate, which is the backbone of our business.


Smart Delivery Service prides itself in the firsthand knowledge of the markets i.e. competitors, customers, business practices as well as the industry trends. No doubt this gives us an advantage to clearly understand the needs of our customers and how to meet them perfectly without incurring huge costs. We take advantage of the latest technological advancements, specifically GPS technology with state-of-the-art smart phones that run on Sprint’s wireless network.
We know all too well just how critical intelligent and accurate routing and scheduling is to a courier service. We take this seriously to not only reduce our costs but also to improve the overall efficiency of our services to all destinations. As our name may suggest, we will always have a “Smart” and cost effective way of providing our services which will ultimately save your bottom line.
The system that Smart Delivery Service has integrated is designed to solve intricate, point to point routing and scheduling information. This way, we are able to increase efficiency while sticking to the client’s schedule for delivery. Our many years of experience in the industry and our dedication to excellence has helped us keep the most accurate records and track the delivery process from A-Z while improving driver accountability and overall customer satisfaction.


Smart Delivery Service offers integrated, seamless payment methods to accommodate to our client’s requirements. You can always pay through PayPal, for a safe and secure mode of payment.
In addition to the security measures put in place by PayPal, Smart Delivery Service has also seen to it that your safety and security on the internet is not compromised at any point in time. We do not collect personal information or keep your personal details.
We have put in place tight security measures on our website to ensure that each transaction is encrypted and done in the safest and most secure form possible. Thanks to technological advancements, we have managed to ensure all security measures are constantly updated.

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