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Courier Services

Over the years Smart Delivery service has managed to carve a niche for its services. We are rated among the best when it comes to timely and professional courier delivery services, as is evidenced by the many awards and certificates of appreciation we have received over the years. While we specialize in providing courier service solutions to clients across Minnesota and Texas, we also have a nationwide reach.

This was as a result of the huge demand of courier services that are not only reliable but also fast and efficient. Among other things, Smart Delivery Service specializes in:

• Same day and next day delivery
• Route service
Medical courier
• Trucking and messenger services
Freight delivery services
• Package and document delivery services

Reasons why Smart Delivery Service is the Best

1. The first reason why our courier services are rated the best in the region is because of the affordable rates we accord our esteemed clients. Having invested heavily in infrastructure, technology and equipment, clients can rest assured that their needs would be met perfectly without having to incur extra costs. This has been made possible by our fleet of vehicles, including cars, pickup trucks, minivans, cargo vans, box trucks, etc. which can carry up to 10,000 lbs.
2. The second reason why our courier delivery services are the best is because of security. There is no denying the fact that courier delivery services should have beefed up security to ensure everything that is being ferried is safe and secure. With Smart Delivery Service, you do not have to worry that the security of your legal documents, medical supplies, medical documents, prescriptions, medical delivery of specimens, office supplies, parts, industrial supplies, etc. would be compromised. We take security seriously and that is why we have implemented all possible measures to ensure our services are the best.
3. The third reason why we are the top rated delivery service in Texas and the top rated courier service in Minnesota is because of our professional team of drivers and courier delivery service agents. We have invested in the best human resources in the region to ensure that all our customers are treated with the greatest professionalism and service.
4. We also have enough experience to know the ins and outs of the industry and to be able to customize our services to meet those of our esteemed clients. Having been in the industry for over 29 years, there is no doubt that our vast experience in delivery services gives us an edge over our competitors who are just getting started in the business. We know our way through Minneapolis/St. Paul and Dallas/Fort Worth and throughout Minnesota and Texas. You can rest assured that we will deliver right to your doorstep; after all, we have been doing it for over 2 decades.
5. Last but not least, thanks to technological advancements, we have managed to ensure we have an easy and convenient online portal. The online portal makes it easy for us to optimize productivity, decrease errors, reduce the length of stay, enhance compliance and more importantly reduce costs… upon which savings are passed down to our clients.

On Demand Services
• Direct -picked up by closest available courier and taken directly to the destination
• 2 Hour – Cost Saving method
• 4 Hour- Most Economical Solution
• Same Day* – Service requested by noon, to be delivered by the end of the business day.
Scheduled Service
• Bank Deposits
• US Mail Pick up/Drop off
• Airport Counter to Counter
• Package picked up and/or delivered at a specific time
Route Service
• Dedicated Drivers
• Inter-Office Mail Transfer
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Dallas/Ft Worth, TX

754 Port America Pl, Ste 300
Grapevine, TX 76051
Phone: 817-540-0000
Fax: 817-540-0003

Houston, TX

1414 West Sam Houston Pkwy
Houston, TX 77043
Phone: 713-730-5098
Fax: 817-540-0003

Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

5512 Lakeland Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55429-3121
Phone: 612-405-0000
Fax: 612-405-7000