7 Ways to Ensure that Fragile Items are Shipped Safely To Your Customers


When your business involves delivering delicate items to your customers, you are always worried about the handling and packaging, Isn’t it? Yes, because the only thing that a customer expects from you is the intact condition when it arrives at the doorstep. So, it is imperative that you pick a courier service that is not only proficient but also understands the nature of products enough to take good care of them. A genuine service provider would take immense pride in shipping and delivering a fragile parcel in perfect condition.

How to know whether your courier service provider is shipping fragile products safely

So, if you have hired a courier vendor to take care of all your shipping needs then as the business owner, you need to ensure whether they have your back properly. Here are 7 certain ways to check and assure that perishable, breakable and fragile goods are well-packed and safely handled by the courier staff.

1. The right type of box –

Order packaging should be done in the right kind of box or vessel. In maximum cases, breakable items are packed in hard boxes so that it doesn’t get damaged by any external thrust. The size of the packaging box is very crucial when it comes to brittle products.

2. Wrapping material –

Using enough wrapping materials is another thing to check. Usually, bubble wraps serve best as a covering around products like glass items, make-up and cosmetics products, medicines, electronic gadgets, antiquities, etc. The material must be enclosed entirely with two to three layers of bubble wrappers which ensure all the product’s surfaces and edges are secured from any damage.

3. Label the package –

When your business involves frail and perishable products, the scariest picture that crosses your mind is your box being thrown around or mishandled. You can’t blame the staff always because they handle thousands of products daily and hence it is not possible for them to identify delicate parcels unless you make them aware of the content of the package. If you notify them earlier in advance about the sensitive nature of the parcel, they will certainly give extra attention to that. By labeling it as a “fragile item” or “handle with care” you will bring it under their notice and no matter whoever grabs the box will see it and act accordingly.

4. Safeguarding it from all kinds of danger –

Moreover, they will also protect your deliverables from other unwanted elements like rain, heat, and anything that has the potential to threaten the safe delivery. They use protective materials like plastic cover or shrink-wraps to prevent moisture or any harmful materials to ruin the product.

5. Sealing the box –

Packaging tape is another important parameter in the safe casing of this kind of shipment. A strong tape would secure the boxes and keep them safe from breakage. Sealing the box, especially for long-distance delivery, is mandatory and for that high-quality sealing tape must be used by your courier company and no potential opening should be left uncovered.

6. Wrapping it not so tightly –

You need to ensure that wrapping is not done too tightly. While secure wrapping is extremely important in this case, it’s also vital to see that items are not getting suffocated under the wrapper. Tight packaging could exert pressure on fragile items like electronic pieces, glassware, and consequently results in either breaking or put a crack in the material. So, it is recommended to pack it securely but less tightly. The basic idea here is to avoid giving excessive tension on the product surface while wrapping it.

7. Product Insurance –

Once you handover the shipping job to your hired courier agency, you can’t look into every single aspect of the shipping operations. For this reason, every courier firm provides insurance against your product so that it is insured from any kind of threat after it left your production facility. In any unfortunate instances like damage, broken item, you won’t be held responsible for it or put into an awkward position in front of your customers.


Unlike other items, products that are fragile and sensitive in nature need double care and attention in their packaging and shipping process. You should always outsource to a logistics company that assures you of the above things. Besides, insurance coverage is a must for risk minimization in your type of business that deals with delicate products. Smart Delivery Services Inc, offers reliable solutions for shipping and delivering fragile items both locally and nationally. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in handling these kind of shipments effectively have made us a reputed provider of courier service Minneapolis. Contact us today to know more about our services and to get a quote.